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A fishing town located 35 km from Colombo and 6 km from island’s main International Airport. The beauty of the beach, one of the best west coast shores of Sri Lanka and surrounding star class hotels as well as the close proximity to the airport, gave more attraction of tourists .

Mount Lavinia

The place located 12 km from Colombo is a historical city from British colonial period. The Governors House of Sir Thomas Maitland, built in 1805, has become a star class hotel today. The fantastic beach is crowded on holidays with local people who enjoy the beach sports activities such as swimming and surfing.


The place located 43 km from Colombo is important spice trading centre from Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial times. The city also named as one of the sacred city of Buddhist people in the country has large hollow dagoba (Buddhist shrine) near the Kalu Ganga


The place located 55 km from Colombo is the starting point of 130 km long southern coast also a main fishing centre.


The place located in south of the country, 62 km from Colombo has romantic scenery hotels and popular for wind surfing and water skiing.

Pasikudah & Kalkudah

Kalkuda and Pasikuda are two separate beaches situated nearby in Batticloa district of eastern province nearly 300 km from Colombo. These are famous for its sand and calm water.


Described as most wonderful beach location by the nature, Unawatuna is one of the best Scuba Diving Locations in Sri Lanka. It is famous beach, Scuba Diving, Surfing and Sea Food in Sri Lankan Style. The Jungle Beach, Roomassagla Hills, Kathaluwa Temple, Galle Fort are nearby interesting places. Although it had suffered heavily in the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami events that hit Sri Lanka and southeast Asia countries, this seaside community was rebuilt quickly, and touristic activity was resumed, giving the chance to travelers looking for an authentic Sri Lankan beach resort to have a unique time.[4]


Mirissa is a small, beautiful and rocky beach which is calm, relaxing and almost private.Whales and dolphins watching, deep sea fishing, river trips, snorkeling and bird watching are activities you could do while you travel in Mirissa, Sri Lanka. Many tourists come to Mirissa for whale watching. you can watch the whales in the Indian Ocean off the Mirissa harbour in the November-April season. A few tour companies arrange trips for a low cost.


Weligama is a unique Bay and Beach with a wide and long sandy beach located in Matara District of Southern Province close to Matara town. The tiny island once owned by Frenchman Count de Maunay has built a beautiful house on it. The bay is famous for its remarkable fishermen doing stilt fishing and hand made lace, Devil Dance Shows and it’s seafood. Weligama is also a wonderful Scuba Diving and Surfing location.


Polhena beach is about 2 km inside to the Matara city. This is ideal place for scuba diving, surfing, sunbathing. This is a very famous destinations because of the natural swimming pool created by the coral reef. There is not only one beach; it consists of bunches of beaches along the coastline.


Dickwella beach (also called Dikwella or Dikwella South) is about 22 km east of Matara. This long sandy beach is largely protected by headlands, reefs and sand-bars, making it safer for swimming.

The headlands have reefs along their rocks, close to the beach. At both the Pehambiya end and the western end, swimmers can snorkel out from the beach to watch colourful reef fish amongst the rocks.


The place located in south of the country, 100 km from Colombo is the first area to be developed for tourism. The famous coral reef and scuba diving gets tourist’s more pleasure there.


The place located in south of the country, from 130 km from Colombo, has finest beach and historical Madol Duwa (island surrounded by lake) as mentioned in Sri Lankan literature.

You can spot the very famous Stilt farmers here; farmers who sit on stilts and fish when there is a suitable tide.


Tangalle is located in down south district of Hamabanthota few km away from Mathara. It is a beautiful and natural palm fringed sea bay and a Fishing Harbor offering great sea food. The long and great beach and the corel reef are best attractions. The Dutch Fort built with corals now used as a prison.


Trincomalee is a natural deep-water harbor that attracted great sea farers like Marco Polo, Ptolemy and Sea Traders China and East Asia from the ancient times. The long and wide beaches offer surfing, scuba diving and fishing and whale watching. This sea town has the largest Dutch fortress of Sri Lanka has the oldest Hindu temple Tirukonesvaram Kovil in Sri Lanka.


The place located in east of the country 276 km from Colombo and 14 km from Trincomalee. The natural harbour and beach is one of finest in world. Nelaveli is ideal place for water sports like scuba diving.


Batticaloa is situated in the east coast of Sri Lanka with a great lagoon and beach with a fascinating culture of the east. The Dutch made their first footstep in Sri Lanka here in 1602. The Dutch fort was built in 1665 is visible near the Batticoloa Lagoon.

Kalkuda and Pasikuda Kalkuda and Pasikuda are two separate beaches situated nearby in Batticlo district of eastern province nearly 228 km from Colombo. These are famous for its sand and calm water.

Arugam Bay

The place located in south east of the country 317 km from Colombo is a fine beach near associated with fishing villages. It has been identified as the best surfing beach in Sri Lanka and 4th best in south east Asia. It also comes with the ten best surfing beaches in the world. Wide sandy beaches and lagoons associated with neighbouring Kumana bird sanctuary are added values for visitors going to Arugam bay. Lahugal National Park are Yala East National Park are also located within 10–30 km radious from Arugambay centre. Magul Maha Viharaya (Buddhist temple), Kudumbigala Temple (Buddhist temple), Shastrwela Buddhist Temple, Okanda Hindu Temple are some of places with heritage values. In addition to beaches, wildlife, culture heritage and nature places of interest make Arugambay a unique tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. There is no LTTE threat in and around Arugam bay.[5][6]

Casuarina Beach

Casuarina Beach which is in Karainagar, Jaffna District about 20 kilometers from Jaffna of Northern Province. It used to be a popular tourist destination, but tourist numbers have declined due to Sri Lankan Civil War. However after the end of the 3 decade long war, the beaches unspoilt location has led to a growing number of visitors.

Kilaaly Beach

Kilali Beach situated in Kilaaly, Jaffna District of Northern Province. It is famous for calm and sand, with local Tamil sea food dishes.


Vankalai is a major fishing village in Mannar, of Northern Province.