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Good Dive Centers Sri Lanka

There are some great places to learn to dive in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a BEAUTIFUL TROPICAL ISLAND.  Which means you can dive almost every where!

Sri Lanka – the beautiful tropical island conveniently situated near the airline hubs of the world. Just over four hours from Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The beautiful paradise island with hundreds of fabulous dive sites. Come dive the dozens of famous ship wrecks dating back to the colonial era and also visit coral reefs, under sea caves & rock formations all around our island.



There are some well reputed dive centers offer certifications up to Instructor. The Open Water, Advanced and Rescue Diver courses may take about 3 to 4 days each

Blue Deep Diving Centre

Blue Deep Dive

International Dive School – Hikkduwa & Trinco

international dive school


Poseiden Dive Centre – Hikkaduwa & Trinco
Poseidon Dive


Here are just some of the popular areas for diving.

Kalpitiya – Rocky/Coral Reefs including the Bar Reef Marine Sanctuary (Snorkel)
Negombo – Rocky/Coral Reefs and great marine life
Colombo – Rocky/Coral Reefs and Ship Wrecks (Best wreck diving in the island)
Beruwala -Deep rocky outcrops and Coral
Bentota – Rocky outcrops and Coral
Hikkaduwa – Rocky outcrops, Coral Reefs and Ship Wrecks. Can Snorkel in Lagoon
Unawatuna,- Rocky reefs and Ship Wrecks
Weligama, Shallow Rocky/Coral Reefs
Tangalla – Not explored and documented by us yet.
Basses – Fantastic limestone reef with ship wrecks and amazing fish life
Trincomalee – Rocky/Coral Reefs
Batticaloa – Rocky/Coral Reefs and shallow & deep Ship Wrecks

The good news is that because we have two main seasons each side of the island has a “Best to dive” season.

West Coast Season is November-April

East Coast Season is May-October

Diving in Hikkaduwa

Site Depth Boat Travel Information
The Conch 20M 45 Min A great dive for wreck enthusiasts
Kiralagala 39.4M 25 Min On the edge of the recreational diving limit… a beautiful rock complex raining with fish!

This dive is accessible only for divers with PADI Advanced Open Water certification or PADI Deep Diver specialty course experience.

Deep Rock (Diyamba Gala) 22M 20 Min A multilevel rock complex with lots of underground caves.

Proceed with caution into the caves as entrapment is a possibility on the low overhanging.

For experienced divers only.

Earl of Shaftesbury 12-14M 35 Min An old British iron sail ship.

A real wreck withsome components still recognizable and a fun dive experience on a sandy bottom.

Off Coral Gardens 13M 10 Min Very close to the Coral Gardens hotel. Can observe varied fauna from little Moray Eels, Pufferfish, Porcupinefish, Sea Slugs and the usual suspects.

A few underground caves and valleys which are awesome.

Special mention is the beautiful coral. Mostly red and orange. There is this one rock full of beautiful coral.

Black Coral Point 30M 10M A deeper dive site closer to the shore.

Covered with beautiful black coral and quite abundant with small creatures for the macro enthusiast.

Goda Gala 22M 20 Min A multi level rock complex with interesting places harbouring various kinds of fish life including Honeycomb Moray Eels.
Sunil Gala 18M 20 Min A dive site south of the Coral Garden rock formation and closer to shore than Goda Gala.

A multi-level rock complex sometimes subject to wave surge because of the proximity to shore.

Tunatta 13M 15 Min Situated south of Coral Gardens rock formation, this is a very shallow dive site and because its closer to the shore subjected to some surge.

The rock formation in itself is very interesting and there are some swim through’s.

Lobsters, Pufferfish, Boxfish, Porcupinefish can be found here.