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Kirinda Sri Lanka

Kirinda in on the South East coast of Sri Lanka is a small but beautiful village on the southern coast of Sri Lanka close to Kataragama.

The area is also close to the Great and small Basses reefs which provide some of the most spectacular scuba diving and fishing in the Sri Lanka.

There is a rock-strewn outcrop from which can be obtained some glorious views of the desolate coast with its long stretch of sand dunes. Kirinda was used as a land base by Arthur C. Clarke’s party when diving for the Great Basses wreck (Treasures of the Reef).

One of the most famous attractions in Kirinda is the statue of Queen Viharamaha Devi. This is located on the spot where she is said to have landed after being set adrift on the sea from Kelaniya. The rock temple mentioned above is largely believed to be the site of her landing.

There are eco-friendly beach resorts situated in Kirinda, in an area famous for its diversity of wildlife. Kirinda is conveniently and centrally located to right to use both major wild life parks of Yala and Bundala. There are some wonderful beachs in Kirinda.

Kirinda is infamous for its wealth of wildlife diversity and superb beaches located on the magnificent stretch of beautiful coastline.


From the resorts visitors are free to explore their adventurous spirit by engaging in activities they would not normally be exposed to.

Interesting activities that can be arranged include special excursion trips to experience rural village life or to do fishing in traditional boats using traditional methods or deep sea sports fishing on catch and release concept.

Safari Trips

Experience the excitement of encountering a variety of wildlife species ranging from the small and beautiful butterflies and birds to the large and charismatic mammals like Leopards, Bears and Elephants.

The parks that are within reasonable traveling distance from the resort include Yala and Bundala National Parks, Lunugamvehera & Udawalawe Parks and also there are many bird sanctuary sites within close distance.They are Weerawila bird sanctuaty, Tissamaharama bird lake

Dolphin Watching

Guaranteed sightings cannot be expected in this region, unlike the professional tour operations conducted in Mirissa. Although dolphin’s are resident throughout the year in Kirinda the most suitable period is between December to April where sea conditions are more calm. Whales have been seen in this region over the same time period but guest may have to travel further out into deep ocean water to find them.

Trips can be arranged in small local fishing boats from Kirinda Harbour located 1½ kms away from the resort.The dolphin watching trips depart at 6am and travel a distance of 12 To 15km in open ocean towards the coral reef and light house area. Trips lasts for about 5 hours duration, returning in time for lunch. The resort can arrange breakfast packs for any guests who wish to do this activity. You should be aware that these are local fishing boats with local fishermen, with limited English speaking skills and no safety equipment.

Bird Watching

This can be done in both national parks as well as the lesser known Lunugamwera National Park which is a forested habitat different to Yala & Bundala. Bundala Park is a RAMSAR wetland habitat which is a famous bird migratory site, especially from October to March. However, there are many bird viewing sanctuaries in the vicinity around the areas of Kirinda, Tissamaharama and Weerawila.

Visitors can explore the area by vehicle, cycling or hiking around to discover the diversity of bird species to be found in these local areas containing a variety of habitat types.

Turtle Watching

Turtles are often seen close to the beach shore by the large rock boulders during the daytime. They can be seen coming up for breadth if you look to the water surface from the rocks close to the river. Turtles frequently come to lay eggs along this undisturbed coast land stretch. Some guests have been fortunate to see this incredible event and taken photographs of their encounter close to the beach.

Sports Fishing (operated by Gamefishing)

Fishing excursion trips can be arranged for guests who want to participate in deep sea sports fishing. This novel activity is conducted by professional fishing experts based in Kirinda Harbour. They operate their fishing principles on a catch & release basis. Gamefishing provides this activity in the Kirinda area from November to April but will be dependent on sea conditions. Gamefishing boats are equipped with all the safety and fishing equipment and they can carry a maximum of 4 people per boat.

Gamefishing provides exclusive service to their clients and bookings can be made at