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Sri Lanka FAQ what you need to know

Sri Lanka FAQ what you need to know

Here is our Sri Lanka FAQ what you need to know to get the most out of your trip when visiting and travelling around Sri Lanka

So where exactly is Sri Lanka, is it an island?

Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island in the South-east region of Asia. It is the teardrop shaped island in asia and has India just to the North. Sri Lanka has latitudes between 5° 55 and 9° 55 North and the eastern longitudes are between 79° 42. and 81° 52. Sri Lanka is 650km north of the equator.

How big is the island of Sri Lanka?

25,299 Sq. miles (65,525 square kilometres). The longest length is between the lighthouse at Dondra Head in the south to Point Pedro in the north is 271 miles (435km) while the greatest width is 149 miles (240km)

Sri Lanka FAQ
Sri Lanka FAQ what you need to know to get the most out of your trip when visiting and travelling around Sri Lanka

Is Sri Lanka worth a visit and why?

Without doubt you should visit Sri Lanka! You will soon see for yourself that Sri Lanka is probably one of the greatest places to visit because of the many adventures that you can experience in one island, where everything is less than a day travel away. Each journey is it ‘self an adventure and breath taking views abound. Sri Lanka has been listed as one the best places to travel by both National Geographic.

When is the best time of year to visit Sri Lanka?

Being a tropical country, Sri Lanka has pretty much the same kind of weather season all year apart from the monsoon seasons which have awesome rain storms, otherwise there are showers throughout the year which give a warm sunny climate and make the island so green and beautiful.

rainfall down south sri lanka

What are the attractions of Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is one of the greatest places on earth where you can indulge in a huge selection of experiences and sample various lifestyles. The weather is warm and comfortable and yet still varied from the mountains of Kandy to the golden beaches of “down south”, You will see some of the most scenic countryside in the world. Sri Lanka has a diverse and vibrant culture, with friendly people. You can partake in adventurous sports and tours that will give memories for life. You can just chill out on the beach or colonial style mansion hotel – all up to you

What kind of clothes should I wear?

Your attire usually depends on where you are. Religious places have a strict dress code where you are expected to show respect. Otherwise, casual or smart, wear almost anything that goes with the warm climate , sundresses, shorts , t-shirts and sandals – just remember to protect yourself from the awesome weather and sun.

What ancient sites should I visit?

There are loads of archaeological sites, ancient ruins, nature reserves, beaches and plenty more. UNESCO has named many places in Sri Lanka as World Heritage Sites such as Sigiriya, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.

Where should I stay in Sri Lanka?

In Sri Lanka you can find accommodation options from five-star hotels, motels, resorts, bungalows and villas, guest houses and many more places. Check out our listings – remember – we only list what we have seen – to ensure that yo only have good surprises.

Is Ayurvedic medicine available?

Sri Lanka is proud of an ancient medicinal system that can be used by just about everyone. You can experience Ayurvedic treatments at the many spas as well as Ayurvedic hospitals.

What is the Sri Lanka international dialing (IDD) code?

The IDD code is +94

What is the voltage type in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka’s electricity runs at 230-240V, 50 cycles AC – British standard, however the plug sockets are three pin round type – you can get adaptors in most supermarkets.

What languages are spoken in Sri Lanka?

English is widely spoken in the tourist and business areas. Sinhala is the most used official language. With Tamil used by some the population especially in the North, Tamil is also an official language in Sri Lanka.

What currency is used in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR) Accommodation starts at around LKR5,000 for simple and clean guest houses and as much as you want to pay for extravagance 🙂