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Good Experiences in Sri Lanka

Top Tips when planning Sri Lanka Tour Holiday Vacations

Sri Lanka is an awesome tropical island with steady temperatures generally remaining between 25°C and 35°C.

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There are windy and rainy seasons one side of the island, whilst the other side tends to be less windy and drier.

You can choose your dates for the side of the island that you want to explore, alternatively, if you have fixed dates, choose the side of the island that has your desired weather.

Here are some top tips to enjoy your visit.

  • Seek our advice – it’s free
  • Select one of our preferred tour guides – you will see more for less!
  • Let us take the strain – we can supply a good driver to collect you at the airport – no stress after your flight
  • Be realistic in what you want to see in your time frame – there is o much to see on one beautifully diverse tropical island.
  • Get the right accommodation for your needs – AC is desirable in some months and not needed in others.
  • Travel light to enjoy the freedom of the island – or – we can escort you and your travel baggage at arm’s length.
  • Sample the local foods – not all are super spicy!
  • Bring a good camera and/or smartphone – but don’t flaunt it – be discrete
  • Do some research (through our websites)  and select what you want to see/experience.
  • Discover the cultural beliefs and ceremonies which are as diverse as the scenery on this lovely island.
  • Ask loads of questions – we love it!
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