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A local SIM card will give you very reasonable rates for phone calls (overseas) and internet data whilst in Sri Lanka.


Coverage varies in around the island. Most networks work well in the Colombo and the major cities. 

Coastal areas vary in coverage – basically depending on the proximity of the nearest radio tower.

In the mountains and valleys “Upcountry” Mobitel tends to work best and also on the East Coast.

On the South Coast, Dialog tends to work best.

However, both can be good. We have two SIMs – one for each network – which seems to be the best solution if you need “connectivity”


How to get a local SIM card.

Once clear of immigration and customs, you will enter the general arrival area. Here there will be some phone company shops / kiosks.

Go to the “MOBITEL” or “DIALOG” shop and buy a tourist SIM card. This will be pre loaded with overseas minutes and a small about of internet data.

It is recommended that when you buy the SIM card ask to add LKR 2000 rupees (AED 20) you can then use that on the app to buy packages.

If you choose to buy a local SIM card outside the airport – it is simple enough in most towns. Remember to take your passport.

In Colombo, Dialog and Mobitel have large customer service offices in the World Trade Centre, close to Galle Face. 



mobitel one shot

Mobitel have a great offer on at the moment called “One Shot”

NONSTOP most popular social media platforms comprising

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Messenger
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp

You also receive an additional 30 GB Anytime Data for the monthly package priced at Rs. 989

The ONE SHOT Package can be activated by simply reloading exactly LKR 989 

There is a one week option, but for the price comparision of the monthly package – just get the montyhloy package.

In the “One Galle Face” shopping mall in Colombo, the Mobitel office is on level 5 and the staff are very helpful.

You can download the Mobitel app, and it easily shows you the remain data available.


ONE SHOT 30 Days Package

One Shot 30 Days Plan

One shot Unlimited 30 Days


Rs 989/= (inclusive of Taxes)


Unlimited Voice Local for Any Network


Unlimited SMS Local for Any Network

 NONSTOP Social Media Apps

YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Tik Tok.

Extra Anytime Data Bundle



30 Days

Activation Method

ONE SHOT 30 days package can be activated by simply reloading Rs. 989/-


My Dialog 

You can install the Dialog app when in UAE and then activate it when you get your SIM card in Sri Lanka

Activating the My Dialog App in Sri Lanka



After activating the DIALOG SIM card you can then use the dialog app to reload and choose a package.

This package is useful  “Fun Blaster 447” (cost is 447 rupees AED 5) It gives unlimited Whatsapp, Facebook and youtube.

There is no need for a VPN in Sri Lanka – but good to use one for personal data security

Note that after 30Gb  “unlimited social data” is used it will become slow. So if you are using social media … just renew the package

Fun Blaster 447