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Weather and climate Down South Sri Lanka

Down South Sri Lanka has a tropical rainforest climate as it lies at the south-west tip of Sri Lanka. Temperatures throughout the year show very little variation, as the weather “down south Sri Lanka” is hot and humid all year round. The average temperature usually sits at around 26°C.

Sri Lanka is a year-round destination with two monsoon seasons so there is a lot of confusion around when is the best time to visit. The weather doesn’t run like clockwork here, and we can always be surprised by the weather in Sri Lanka!

However, there will rarely be weather so dramatic that it will stand in the way of a brilliant holiday with plenty of warm weather and sunshine. This is our guide as to when you might like to visit Sri Lanka.


Between January and May the maximum daytime temperature is between 29°C and 31°C, while the night time temperature lies between 22°C and 25°C.

The wettest period “down south Sri Lanka” is from May to September where a high amount of rainfall is experienced. Monsoons from the Indian Ocean greatly affect the levels of rainfall and humidity.

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The summer monsoon brings heavy rains “down south Sri Lanka” and this southwest monsoon affects the city from June until September. During this period, a steady 200mm of rain each month falls.

Temperatures remain high, with averages of 29C during the summer season. There is consistent sunshine with an average of about 6 hours in a day.


The winter season brings hot, dry conditions “down south Sri Lanka”. It runs from December to March, when the area experiences the northeast monsoon. Temperatures range for 29°C to 31°C and this period is the driest weather of the year, accompanied by 7-8 hours of sunshine each day.

Rainfall levels during the winter vary from 180mm in December, to around 100mm in January and February. The temperature of the Indian Ocean surrounding “down south Sri Lanka” remains high and enjoyable to swim in.

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January – April (Entire Country)
Mid-July – September (Entire Country)
February – SeptemberNorth and East)


May – July (South-West Monsoon)
October – January(North-East Monsoon)


January – April (South)
May – July(East)


December – April (Bundala National Park – birds)
(South coast – whales)
November – April (Kalpitya – dolphins)
July – September (The Cultural Triangle
– The Gathering of the Elephants)
(Yala/Wilpattu – leopards)